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Experts in installation systems

RAP Instal builds installation systems for industrial halls and civil constructions, developing safe projects, within optimal budget and time parameters.

RAP Instal provides complete solutions for any type of installation system for industrial halls.


Electrical installations

We will assist you in every step of your project—from consultancy and design to execution and maintenance.

High voltage installations

• aerial and underground power lines
• transforming stations
• 20 kV and 110 kV substations • aerial and underground
• connections at a nominal voltage of 0.4 kV
• electrical automation and air conditioning installations
• lighting and power electrical installations
• lightning and earthing installations
• execution of electrical panels
• reactive energy compensation installations

Low voltage installations

• fire detection and alarm installations
• voice data installations
• CCTV installations
• access control installations
• burglary alarm installations

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Mechanical installations

HVAC installations

• heating and cooling installations, ventilation and air conditioning installations
• air treatment power station and ventilation and air distribution installations
• exhaust, filtration and air purification installations
• heating station and air conditioning installations
• refrigeration units and chillers with freon or ammonia
• refrigerant distribution installations
• thermal boilers and heating installations
• steam boilers and steam installations
• underfloor heating systems

Other types of installations

• fire protection installations, water households, pumping stations
• sprinkler systems
• compressed air installations
• vacuum installations
• outdoor sanitary installations for water supply and domestic and rain sewerage
• indoor hydrant installations and underground and above-ground outdoor hydrants
• water-canal connections

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